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opis suppies acupuncture supplies
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Auricular and Magnetic Therapy

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Auricular and Magnetic Therapy

In auricular therapy, the ear represents a micro-system in which points corresponding to parts of the body can be stimulated for pain relief.
Small press needles and pellets are some of the treatment tools.
As well, auricular therapy is commonly used in the treatment of substance abuse, smoking cessation and weight loss.

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Magnetic Therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for

therapeutic purposes.

The concept of using magnets for healing goes back thousands of years to ancient Greece, Egypt and China.
The effects of magnetic polarity promote more efficient blood flow, thereby supporting healing and recovery Acco-Band magnets provide continuous acupressure to acupuncture and trigger points. Guass is a measure of a magnet’s field strength.

Magnetic Therapy is one the safest alternative therapies available as stated by the World Health Organization in their 1987 study on Magnetic Therapy. It can help increase blood circulation, alleviate pin and bring balance to the body. 

Polarity Agents

Historically, magnets and many different metals have been used for balancing the body’s energy. When magnets or certain combinations of two dissimilar metals contact the body, a small electric currant, known as the Polarity Agent, is generated. Some commonly used pairs of metals which exhibit this phenomenon include: gold/silver, copper/zinc, nickel/copper, and gold/aluminum.
Magnets, by virtue of their natural north (-) and south (+) magnetic poles also exhibit this same phenomenon.

Potentials of Magnets

The concept of using magnets for healing the body goes back thousands of years to ancient Greece, Egypt, and China. Recent studies at Baylor University have also supported the effectiveness of magnetic therapy.

One theory behind magnetic healing relies on the magnet’s ability to affect that atomic and molecular electro-potential of the blood. Besides containing iron, which is magnetically active, human blood is composed of 90% water. During magnetic therapy the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water as well as iron become magnetically polarized and align with other components in the blood. These charged molecules and aggregates are then able to travel throughout the body more efficiently, thus allowing the blood’s nourishing energy to more effectively support healing and recovery.

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OPIS Supplies (formally Electro-Therapeutic Devices (ETD) Inc.)  is Canada’s only full-service acupuncture supply company that has the ISO 13485, a rigorous internationally recognized set of standards that ensures its products meet Health Canada Standards. OPIS Supplies has been in the holistic and home health-care field since 1981. Our aim is to encourage and enhance the practice of acupuncture through research support and the continual offering of superior products.

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