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Artemisia, a long-time choice as a heat source

Artemisia, a long-time choice as a heat source

Artemisia, quality heat

In its primitive form, moxibustion doubtless used various materials, such as heated pebbles (the use of hot rocks is still common), tobacco, cotton, sulfur, monkshood… But Artemisia has been used for a very long time, for the quality of the heat obtained from burning this dried grass, which then becomes “velvet” before being used as what, or rolled in cones, or rolls… It even leaned its name to the practice outside China, since the name moxa comes from the Japanese mogusa, which means Artemisia! Artemisia is also used in herbalism, and its essential oil has well-known virtues as well as non-negligible toxicity that imposes professional use, reserved for informed practitioners.

Its combustion releases a very fragrant smoke

This can prove to be toxic in the long term. On the other hand, as with all burning matter, it generates ashes that, while falling du-ring the session, can create significant burns on the patient’s skin. If in China aggressive moxibustion (Artemisia deposited directly on the skin and lit) has been practiced– and still is, if less so-, leading to serious burns, convalescence requiring local care to avoid the superinfections and painful and unsightly scars, Japan and the western world carefully avoid cauterizing and prefer a milder use of the heat. The risk of burn is even a major reason for patients’ refusal of moxibustion, and of the abandoning of the technique for fear of medical and even legal complications.

These constraints, -the long-lasting odour, toxic smoke, risk of burns-, coupled with the need to light and douse the moxa, which does not always happen right away, have led a number of practitioners to renounce this practice nevertheless recognized for its in-dications and results.

Difficulties with Artemisia or Why make(and use) a “moxa like” ?

To shun moxibustion means being able to use only half of the advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine, renouncing an effective therapy (« what acupuncture does not cure can be cared for by the application of moxas »), losing a precious means for bringing energy to an organism suffering from the emptiness of yang…

To rediscover the results of moxibustion, it was necessary to solve two problems:

  • preserve all the basic characteristics of Artemisia in its spectral transmission- preserve all the basic characteristics of Artemisia in its spectral transmission
  • eliminate all constraints linked to combustion, as previously mentioned

With the Premio 10 moxa as with Artemisia, the same spectral band, and the same distribution between short, medium, and long infra-red, ensures an equivalent mobilization of the physiological receptors, whatever the type and depth.


You and your patient will therefore rediscover the sensations and results of moxibustion with Artemisia. But what you will not have, because of safe electric power, is:

  • lighting the moxa
  • putting it out
  • toxic smoke
  • the strong odor, permeating clothes and walls, even stairwells…
  • the risks of burns from falling ash
  • patient fear of burns

Further, a Concentrator (removable accessory delivered with the appliance) specially designed so you can, if you wish, focus the radiation on a precise point. Just slide the Concentrator onto the emitter and work with it as if it were a stick of incense. After a few seconds without feeling the heat, your patient will describe a tingling sensation of deep penetration of heat, which has led us to call this technique the “thermal needle!” !

A flexible 3-meter cord, 4 power adapters so it can be used worldwide, and a carrying pouch: the Premio 10 moxa has everything for sure and effective use.

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