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opis suppies acupuncture supplies

The Canadian Agent for

opis suppies acupuncture supplies
 The Canadian agent for Seirin and DongBang



Our workshops are fun and informative, with plenty of hands-on activity.
Don’t miss the opportunity to add to your “toolbox” these valuable and versatile healing modalities available today.

MCT© 3-Day Fundamentals / 1-Day Lymph Drainage Cupping Course – September 15-17, 2023 (Toronto)

This 3-Day MCT© Fundamentals Course offers further education into the world of therapeutic cupping including Fundamentals and Torso, Upper and Lower Extremities, and Lymphatic Drainage. 1-Day Lymphatic Drainage Course is also available.

Day 1: Fundamentals and Torso
Day 2: Upper and Lower extremities
Day 3: Lymphatic Drainage (*Can be purchased separately)

2.5-Day Ear Acupuncture Workshop

Jan 20-22, 2023 (Markham)

Lise Couture is offering 2.5-day, Ear Acupuncture Workshop for treating Pain, Scar or Allergy, based on Dr. Paul Nogier’s pulse and filters method.

Day 1: The energetic planet, the energetic human body and the ears.
Day 2: One Ear Point to detect and correct Pain, Scar or Allergy.
Day 3: Hands-on for students practicing on patients invited in the Workshop.

MCT© 3-Day Elective Course – Nov 18-20, 2022 (Markham)

This MCT© Elective Course weekend offers further education into the world of therapeutic cupping.

Day 1: MCT© for Pathology and Scar Tissue / Written exam for MCT© Certification
Day 2: Magnets and Therapeutic Cupping
Day 3: MCT© Advanced Cupping Techniques

“Overall this was a great course. Shannon was thorough and very present for questions and hands-on demonstrations. The biggest surprise was how versatile and effective magnetic cups are. I’m looking forward to applying the techniques learned into my practice. The hip and rib cupping treatment techniques will be used on a regular basis now” – Registered Acupuncturist

Sedatelec Laser Info Session – November 1, 2022 (Markham)

Learn HOW TO USE LASERS in your practice from non-needle acupuncture to tissue repair; auricular to pain relief!

The manufacturer of the easy-to-use Premio 30 & 32 EVO Lasers is here from France for an info session.
• If you’ve ever been interested in adding Laser to your practice, come with your questions and curiosity,
• Stefanie will also be happy to answer your questions about Sedatelec’s other products like the Premio 10 Moxa and the ASP® ear needles after this session.

MCT© 3-Day Combination Course – March 4-6, 2022 (Oakville)


“Amazingly informative and eye opening experience.” – K. Van Dyk

“After having first session of MCT©, I felt more energized when I came home. My appetite increased, my tension of upper thoracic area disappeared and my ROM (neck/shoulders) increased without pain. Looking forward to taking Advanced Cupping Therapy to treat conditions.” – D. Weizmann

“Shannon is passionate, animated, knowledgeable – which adds up to an awesome weekend of learning. Can’t wait to take future classes.” – R. Monette

“Wonderfully informative. I’m leaving this course feeling confident to bring this modality into my massage practice.” – T. Monaghan

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